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Peninsula Committee

Los Angeles Philharmonic



September 30, 2014



Dear City of Angels Saxophone Quartet: Sean, Cindy, Matt and Bill,


It is with great admiration that I thank the four of you for your outstanding performance at the September 23, 2014, Salon for the Peninsula Committee, Los Angeles  Philharmonic.  Your musicality, artistry, technical mastery, exact intonation and precise collaboration greatly impressed our members and your charm and wit won their hearts.  I believe it was as great a surprise to some of the ladies as it had been to me to find that saxophones, when placed in the hands of fine musicians, can sound so very wonderful as an ensemble.  The four of you exhibited that fact to a sublime degree in your performance.  


Each of the great repertoire selections you performed was aesthetically pleasing and well suited for our outdoor setting.  The charming stroll in the park movement from the “Quatour” could not have been more appropriate.  As one of the ladies shared with you, your arrangement of the Ravel “Quartet” was actually more enjoyable with your instrumentation than the original string version.  But let’s not tell Ravel.  The Bach and the Liszt were especially enjoyable for me personally, since my brother had earnestly practiced and finally conquered the Liszt “Rhapsody”.  I had learned the “Little Fugue in G Minor” many years ago on the organ and you have now inspired me to dust it off and add it back into my repertoire. Your encore was the finale that topped off a great morning of music and sent the ladies home singing your praises.


Thank you for being great sports, suffering through the sun shining on you, especially right in Bill’s face while he still managed to play so sensitively.  And the breeze that tried to grasp the music right off your stands.  Cindy, you were able to get your pages clipped down and immediately find your place in the music.  Brava! 


Following last week’s Salon, there have been many enthusiastic comments from our members and guests about your performance.  Best wishes to each of you as you continue thrilling audiences with your talent and musical accomplishments.  Thank you again.


Most sincerely,


Darlene Vlasek

VP Programs

Peninsula Committee Los Angeles Philharmonic




Post Office Box 2122 * Palos Verdes Peninsula, California 90274

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