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"I never thought I'd feel so much emotion listening to saxophones"

Audience Member

Oak Park, CA

Your musicality, artistry, technical mastery, exact intonation and precise collaboration greatly impressed our members and your charm and wit won their hearts.  I believe it was as great a surprise to some of the ladies as it had been to me to find that saxophones, when placed in the hands of fine musicians, can sound so very wonderful as an ensemble.  The four of you exhibited that fact to a sublime degree in your performance.  (see full letter here)

"We've attended three of their concerts. So far. It's amazing how versatile a saxophone quartet is, and these four really play them brilliantly."

Audience Member

Rolling Hills Estates, CA

The City of Angels Saxophone Quartet, now twenty-five years strong, is a Southern California legacy. The competent quatuor crafts audience-friendly programs, while simultaneously showcasing the saxophone’s rich history...the City of Angels Saxophone Quartet struck a chord with the audience, with every selection culminating into a refreshing, revealing and engrossing aural escape. (see full review here)

Temecula, CA

"You were amazing last night....Thank you for bringing the beautiful sounds of your four saxophones to our audience." 

Audience Member

Laguna Beach, CA

"Thoroughly enjoyed the show....You are all very talented musicians and I hope to see future performances."

Audience Member

El Segundo, CA

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