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Facebook Live Recording

Controls are on the bottom of the video screen. 

Sound: lower right corner. 

Pause/play: lower left corner.

Fast forward: dot, second from left. 

City of Angels Saxophone Quartet

Desert Hot Springs, CA


Welcome- 17:00

Group intro- 18:40

Shepherd's Hey (Grainger)- 19:08

Scott Joplin Portrait (Joplin)- 24:20

Petite Quatour pour Saxophones (Francaix)- 31:06

Ciudades/Montevideo (Lago)- 43:33

Ciudades/Addis Ababa (Lago)- 46:54

Polkadots and Moonbeams (Van Heusen/Burke)- 53:30

Taking A Chance on Love (Duke)- 56:57

Tango Virtuoso (Escaich)- 1:01:18

Hungarian Rhapsody (Liszt)- 1:11:18

Pure Imagination (Bricusse/Newley) 1:20:23


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